"It may be that you are not yourself luminous, but you are a conductor of light" -Sir Arthur Connan Doyle-

6 Juni 2013

Adela's Departure

Tomorrow my closest friend Adela will go to Australia. She's the first to go, she's gonna attend Griffith University in Gold Coast and gonna be living in her auntie's house. I got something for her to open later, and i think it is gonna be an emotional farewell. She's my friend from junior high and has been a very good companion. Our friendship has grown so much and has been through so many things. It's been awesome to have her by my side. I love her and wish her well.

31 Mei 2013

Graduation. Won't Join .

My departure from Jakarta will be on 14th of June, about two weeks from now. Unfortunately and Sadly, the graduation will be held on 15th of June. It means i won't be celebrating the graduation ceremony.

30 Mei 2013

Woman Empowerment

I was sitting in class just like any other Wednesdays, but today i felt i had to do something with the custom 
of women working at home. The teacher asked whether women should get a higher education or not as some people might think their role in life is to work at home and taking care of  households. Without thinking i raised my hands as to agree to give higher education to women, but what i was really surprised that some of the boys in my class raised their hands as to not agree.

Even, my boyfriend without he was realizing it, he underrated my ability to achieve a big position when growing up. He told me to work for his company or told me to just work in my father's. However, he was expecting himself to be in a great position as he thought woman is not necessarily have to achieve a great success. There are several time i warned him, thus he denied thinking so. Sheryl Sandberg, one of the most successful woman on earth once said that in order for woman to reach for success is also depend hugely on the supports of their life partner. As they have to understand the guts to be recognized in woman is just as important as man. 

In this modern world, even gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender have been slowly accepted in a global world. Even some of the states in US and some country already legalized gay marriage. But, how can people still think there are certain achievements men able to reach that women can't do? How can even the basic difference that God once made to complete each other is still an issue? I think gender discrimination should be a history by now and woman should be given a social acceptance and equal credits in a workforce environment. These point of view might be easier to said than done, but it is applicable and we woman should start to get our voice heard and matter.

Last Week and Last Term

One thing i learn from this past year is that "If you already work hard just let God do the rest". I am truly grateful to the higher power that let me soar this year. There are several unexpected achievements that God has given me this year. Many possibilities and opportunities that opens up for me.

Two more weeks, i'll be staying in Jakarta and the rest i will spend studying in Melbourne, Australia. A place i've never set foot on, it seems quite scary but it is overcome by the excitement of my future. I choose Monash University to be my stepping stone for my life, hoping that i can grow and experience the best learning. Some people really supports me and yet there are people who wants to see me go down (such as weirdly, my medical check-up doctor and father's friend). But I won't let these people define me and i will work hard to achieve my success.

I'm taking Accounting and Finance (double major not double degree), which people sometimes confuse why i took Science class in high school. Actually, I've never been interested with Science even in junior high these are the class that  i was really bad at and revolts. But, as i got my results in SMA X my report was just about right to go to Science class. However, now i feel all the benefits from taking these super hard classes in high school. I feel more confidence in going to university, obviously.

Today, i also got my results from National Examination which I am pretty satisfied with it due to our and teachers hardwork, and moreover God's blessing.

5 April 2013

At The Tip of My Senior Year

Unbelievably rapid time goes by, once i was sitting next to strangers in high school and the next thing they become best friends. Wanting to leave at first then not wanting to leave. It is only nine days away from final examination and yet here i am still wondering and dreaming what life could be. Counting days to graduation moments, high school neither seems like move nor novels. But, it  becomes so clear to me, that everybody from the ignored, the too-much-attention, and the seeking-attention ones seems to have find the place where they feel comforted, even they who did not feel actually belongs. Many souls grows into more mature and responsible for their own life, as the fear of failure appear to be even more frightening. Being in the very last year, one can see the results of the effort people made through high school measuring by the confidence students have during applying universities. Some aiming high, others aiming standards, but wherever they will be, i am hoping for the very best for everyone. Let the new phase of our life would be all about  great experience and taking opportunity.